Clean crisp flavor. A well balanced honey. A great American made product.  Honey at its best!!

Good morning!  I just wanted to tell you how much I love my “Hive to Home” products. I have used the Shea Body butter for about a month.  It makes my skin feel so soft, softer than it has been for years.  Another product that I am loving more every time I use it is the Organic Peppermint Mocha sugar scrub.  It actually makes my face tingle and it feels so clean and fresh all day.  Finally, I cut my finger last week and used the organic herbal salve, my cut healed immediately.  These products are amazing and have improved my quality of life. I highly recommend, PEOPLE, that you try them.  Thank you Tyra, for introducing me to these wonderful products.

We’re an outdoorsy tribe with 3 dogs who travel & camp a lot! So, when we first heard of Hive to Home~ Bee good products we couldn’t wait to try them out! A Organic/All natural/Small business supporting our buddies, the Bees! We ordered the dog soaps, The Bee healed organic salve and anything featuring scents of Patchouli & all~encompassing scents of the forest. The Bees did not disappoint! We’ve used the salve on everything from our tired feet & paws to our chapped lips! We even used the soaps we bought for the dogs on ourselves! Great lather, soothing &  aromatic! Now I hear there’s a white fir & Cedar wood Hair pomade & Beard Balm?!?! Time to place another order!!!!

I love your product mostly because the bees make it and I LOVE THE BEES! But also because I know the heart and soul behind what you are doing. Your passion, commitment and deep love for the well being of the planet and all of its creatures shines through brightly in your product and  in your work. You are being(bee-ing) what you want the world to be!   Thank you so much for beaming your true you outward into the world. Hopefully it is contagious and others will follow suite!

I have a dog rescue organization Tyra gave us some of her “Stinky Dog Bee Gone” soap to try.  I loved the way it smelled and the way it left the dog’s coats silky soft and shiny! The “Bee Healed Organic Herbal Salve” is amazing. My arms had scratches on them from dogs jumping up on me. They were taking forever to heal. I used the salve all over my arms and hands like a body butter and not only did it help in healing but it left my arms soft all day long, with the first use! Not greasy at all! LOVE IT ALL!

I use the soaps, scrubs and body butters and absolutely love them, highly recommend! Everything smells good enough to eat, yum! Will order again, for sure!!!

The Hive To Home products are simply amazing! From the second I learned about these products I knew I needed to have them. The honey is out of this world completely delicious. The best part about it is it is natural, raw and truly organic. So I feel completely safe sharing it with my precious family! We no longer use sugar to sweeten our foods. We as family use the Hive To Home honey as our natural sweetener. The love doesn’t stop just with the honey. The skin care products and soaps are made with love and the purest of ingredients. From the time you set eyes on these products you know the hands that created them made them with love and talent. The scents are amazing and leave you skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated! I highly recommend the Hive To Home products. Not only are the products amazing; from the time you shop to time you purchase you are helped along the way in choosing the right products for your skin. The customer service is top notch.

Organic sculpting pomade has a very convenient package that can travel easily. The product adds light control, shine with just a hint of aroma. I use it on my young boys and even after a full day of school and play it still looks good.  I have also found multiple uses for the body butter as a way to safely remove eye makeup and leave the delicate skin around the eye hydrated
Queen bee you are talented and I love that each batch made is unique and hand made. The time and effort put into creating a well thought out and useful product from natural organic sources!