“Summer passes into Autumn in some unimaginable point of time, like the turning of a leaf”- Henry David Thoreau

Summer has come to an end and our thoughts are drifting to cool crisp days and breaking out our favorite cozy sweaters. Leaves are turning bright gold, orange and red and the crackling of a warming fire sets the mood for a perfect Fall day. Fall wouldn’t be the same without new Bee Good Seasonal Cold Processed Soaps.  Fall Favorites have returned with a twist and new scents have been added.  Our limited edition Seasonal Soaps sell out quickly, so stock up early and plan ahead for Holiday Gift  Giving.

Our featured Fall and Winter Soaps back by popular demand and some new requested additions:  Pumpkin Spice,and everything nice,  made with rich & hydrating goats milk, Clove & Cardamon. Apple Jack,  Made with moisturizing Coconut Milk and creamy Rose Kaolin Clay and Madder Root, reminiscent of  seasonal outings, picking apples and baking pies.  A lovely crisp apple scent with a touch of cinnamon. Immunity by popular request:  a blend of  clove, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary & eucalyptus essential oils are a rich and spicy aromatic blend! It will gently cleanse and purify and even promote soft, healthy skin.   A year round favorite for its warm spicy scent, especially popular during the crisp Fall months and chilly Winter Season. Made with Raw Hive to Home Honey and Creamy Brazilian Clay.  Toasted Marshmallow, yumminess for all ages.  This Homemade Cold Process Soap will transport you to hanging out by the crackling camp fire, roasting your marshmallows, simply divine!  A warm sweet scent of caramelized sugar and toasted vanilla, it smells good enough to eat!  Blueberry Harvest, a deliciously scented handcrafted cold processed soap.  A celebration of Patriotism in Red, White & Blue. The scent is like blueberry pie or fresh blueberry pancakes.  Made with Organic Coconut Milk and clay, it’s a creamy and moisturizing soap.  Infused essential oils of vanilla and blue berries, topped off with organic shredded coconut flakes and antioxidant cranberry seeds.  The coconut flakes remind me of the delicate light and fluffy first snowflakes of the Winter Season. Sure, to be a Fall and Winter favorite.

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