Winter Skincare tips:

Retaining moisture is always the primary goal to maintain
skin’s beautiful and youthful appearance, this is especially
important during harsh winter months where the
outdoor conditions can be downright brutal to
unprotected skin and indoor heat sources only add to the
drying affect. Parched complexions are dull and aging.
To maintain a youthful appearance, it’s important to
retain proper collagen and elastin levels in the skin. The
easiest way to do this is: cleanse, Nourish and moisturize. A
little Extra TLC is crucial during winter months.

Wash with a gentle yet affective cleanser or face oil;
Avoiding over the counter products with artificial
ingredients and synthetic fragrance, these only intensify
drying and damaging skin. Its important not to stripe skin
of its natural protective oils or alter natural sebum
levels. when natural sebum levels are out of balance your
skin is not healthy: either it’s too dry/which can lead to
irritation or excessively oily which can lead to break
outs. I recommend our gentle, Hydrating cleansing cream
which is a rich emollient face wash with soothing organic
essential oils of lavender and bergamont. your skin will be
thoroughly cleansed and ultra-moisturized with this
soothing product.

Follow cleansing with a face toner, avoiding products
that use alcohol which only further dry the skin and
cause irritation. Add an essential nutrient boost with
using toners and hydrosols that use calming Aloe Vera
and other rich botanicals packed with vitamins and antioxidants.
I suggest our clarifying & Hydrating Toner
which has Lavender, willow/Aspen bark, along with
Hyaluronic acid. Proper PH balance is restored and skin is
soothed, moisturized and plumped. For extremely sensitive,
dry skin, I recommend our organic Chamomile hydrosol
which is extra gentle and aids in soothing and calming
inflamed/ dry, or irritated skin. Both relaxing light/
herbal aromas.

Lastly, Moisturize skin. Whether you prefer Using light face
serums with quick absorption or our more concentrated,
thicker protective cream, Bee Good Products has the
moisturizer for you. Healthy skin is hydrated skin!

Depending on your skin type, we provide 2 different types of
highly nourishing and hydrating face serums. For
combination or acne prone skin we offer our clarifying
face serum. Rich in nutrients that balance sebum levels and
contain anti-inflammatory properties, skin will be soothed
and repaired. Damaged or irritated skin will be healed. For
dry, Sensitive or mature skin I recommend our Hydrating
serum. Which is packed with nourishing oils, rich in Vitamin
E and fatty acids. The serum will help restore, elasticity
and provide the proper all-day hydration dry/ mature
skin requires. Made with plant based organic botanicals
and essential oils, the aroma is heavenly.

For those who need more concentrated, hydration with
an added protective barrier, I recommend our “Bee ageless,
anti- aging wrinkle cream. Specifically formulated with
beeswax and deeply moisturizing butters. This is our go to
for those living in areas with extreme weather conditions
or mature, sensitive skin. our Wrinkle Cream can be used
day or night and features healing calendula, chamomile,
Marula, Macadamia and Kukui nut oil.

To keep skin glowing, Exfoliating is key! – Once a week or as
needed, treat your skin to a deeper cleanser or use as a
detoxifying face mask. Sloughing off dead parched skin
cells, dirt and other pollutants, a youthful glow will
emerge. Our Honey fruit polish can be used as either an
exfoliating scrub or exfoliating, detoxifying mask. Skin
will be smooth and rejuvenated. Follow of course with
your choice of moisturizer.

Don’t forget to always hydrate delicate eye and lip area.
We suggest our super concentrated hydrating and
brighten eye balm, along with your choice of three
different protective and nourishing lip balms; Bee the balmLavender/
honey, mint mojito or cranberry chutney.

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